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Why DaViceroy?

The name of DaViceroy is a play off the title of "The Viceroy". During an old RPG, I had several titles that were given to me including Governor-general as well as Viceroy. It became that many found me (and my character) as friendly and often just called me The Viceroy. After time, the title stuck and I ran with it. It's been several decades now that I have used it. The only modification I made was to change "the" to "da".
History of the Term Viceroy

In addition, I have a love of butterflies. I kept this nickname for the duality in it as we often have multiple parts of what we are. Does help that I used to work in the Butterfly Garden from time to time at a musuem.
Viceroy Butterfly

Who is Da Viceroy?

It is I... wait, that doesn't tell you much. Bobby is the person behind the nickname. He originally started off on what was the precursor to the Internet as we known it today. He was on several BBS's and watched as the web connected together. He was online before google and has watched many companies rise and fall online. He's had accounts on many of the different early web hosting providers before getting his own domain and expanding it to multiple domains over the years.

As a seasoned lover of RPG's, Games, Sports, and more, Bobby brings this passion to the web for the enjoyment of our visitors. Over the years, he has ran different projects or participated in different groups to help others lives be better. He's also aware that every day is a gift... that's why it's called the present.


Tank is a rescue that has snuggled his way into my heart. I haven't had a dog in years, but this rescue knows who is well loved

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DaViceroy codes and administrates The World of Secfenia

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Games I Play

Royal Manticoran Navy

Official TRMN Website

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Former Character in RK

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